🔥 Alpha Wallpaper Button

by Furtive

Version 8 (December 19, 2022)

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Widget for when you get tired of your wallpaper.
Every time you click the button it will freshen up your home screen. Now comes with an automatic wallpaper changer that won't consume battery, and is fully compatible with Android 12.

*** Android 12 Beta has some wallpaper related bugs, the "quick change" button may crash some apps in the background. The Automatic Changer is designed to work around the issue, and it won't cause any problems.

-Run and choose "select folder" and find a folder of images
-Add a widget to your launcher and select "change wallpaper" as it's flow

If you need to select a new folder at a later time, launch "select folder" flow manually

V1: I was still figuring out how to upload the flow lol
V2: Toast notification added for when wallpaper is updated
V3: Made the toast notification more discrete
V4: Bug fixing
V6: Name change, Bug fixing, The toast notification is now a dialog with some stats
V7: Removed unnecessary blocks, added automatic wallpaper switching compatible with Android 12. Changed name from Random Wallpaper Button to Random Wallpaper System, removed toast notifications cause they got annoying real quick

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