Remote MCA & SMS [AlphaQ]

by Adwait Shende

Version 6 (June 3, 2019)

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Forgot your phone somewhere? No problem! Stay in touch with your inaccessible (but not stolen) phone - just the essentials.
● Text "ForwardSMS" to get the texts forwarded, "UnforwardSMS" to stop (same no.) Includes sender's name, (if saved) number, and time
● Text "ForwardMissedCalls"
to get phone numbers of missed calls sent, "UnforwardMissedCalls" to stop (same no.)
● Text "ConnectNetwork" to connect to internet to enjoy native messaging services on internet such as iMessaging, MiMessaging
● Number to send the texts from has to be in contacts (nonempty name)
● Text "ForwardLock" from ANY number to stop all threads
● On-screen confirmation dialogue on the phone (always on) to cancel forwarding
● On-screen confirmation dialogues (30s) when requests are received
● Replies with every request, success, failure, and stoppage sent
● Separate threads for SMSs, missed call alerts, internet connect, and cancel all
● Handy for OTPs and emergencies

Note: do check the OS, permissions, superuser, pro app and other requirements. SMS/Internet service may cost you money. You can trim/customise details as needed.
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