Spambot3000 - Non Premium Edit

by SliceOfToast

Version 1 (June 12, 2019)

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-Premium not required-
A whatsapp Spam bot which can be used to destroy friendships. This Spambot3000 edition is cut down to 21 Blocks so it should work on non Premium edition.
If you are using Spambot 3000 for the first time:
1) Create a Group named "Spambot3000"
2) Delete everyone else from the group
3) Send the message found in Block #13 (UI element text) to the new group
4) Activate Spambot , set a spamtime and let it go.
Important: You need Premium to run the full version, but you can delete the extra fibers and it will run on non premium and still work.
Important 2: The chat you want to spam needs to be on screen

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