SecurePhone 🔐 Non premium version

by CoSinus

Version 2 (July 5, 2019)

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Ver 0.14
SecurePhone scan the received sms. When a SMS with location(your password) (The default password is 1234 but you can change it in the settings. Here is an example of message: "location(1234)") is intercepted it will send to you the position of the phone. More features will come in the future. This is the non premium version, but when the version 0.2 will be out the app will be premium. This version will be out forever for the non premium users. Thank you for read this very long text! PS IMPORTANT WHEN YOU LAUNCH SECUREPHONE TURN ON GPS AND DATA.

Devblog 1 :
I'm working on the premium app, I'm attacking a new feature, it will be able to lock an unlock the phone via SMS when you'll send lock(password) it will lock definetly the phone but when you'll send unlock(password) it will unlock the phone.

Patch notes 0.14
-Fixed bug when you can't change password the first time you open the app.

Patch notes 0.13 BIG UPDATE
-Fixed bug when the correct Sms is sent but app doesn't respond.
-Change the syntax of the command now it is location() and no location(

Patch notes 0.12
-Fixed bug when location don't get correctly

PS: This app will not have further updates, the premium app will continue to be updated.