by Niels Triple

Version 5 (July 29, 2019)

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Build: 201907292145
Premium flow, no root required.

I've created a very early, basic version of this flow, to use in my daily commute to work.
I always wear earbud-headphones under my helmet, and I just thought this would come in handy.

• Helps you drive handsfree!
• Reads you incoming WhatsApp and SMS messages, and the name or number of an incoming caller.
• Will let you answer or ignore calls by saying yes or no (if the headset has a mic).
• Works with wired headphones and / or Bluetooth headsets.
• Supports ANY language!! Well, kinda... It comes with the hardwired options Dutch, English or German (since those are the only 3 languages I speak), but you can also create your own translation, in flow, just once! (* translation might not always be accurate, to fix this just tweak and adjust ;) )
• Starts and stops automatically, just start the flow once and from then on plug & play.
• Has a menu (push the notification) to change language, or use a different Bluetooth device.
• Might surpise you if you look close enough...

This flow will be updated from time to time, since I use it daily.

Drive safe!

Build 201907061845: it's live!
Build 201907061940: fixed something that wasn't broken.
Build 201907070845: small fix
Build 201907292145: fixed bluetooth bug. Found Whatsapp bug but couldn't fix it yet.

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