Site Checker ✔️ Xtra

by David Bishop

Version 1 (July 12, 2019)

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Site Checker ✔️ Xtra will automatically monitor a website's homepage for changes and notify you when it does. Useful for when a site goes down, has been updated, hacked etc.

When a change is detected you are alerted using the method of your choice and a handy notification is displayed letting you go straight to the site.

Want to check more than one site at a time?
Hit 'Start' again.

-[Check out Site Checker ✔️, with less features but a lower block count]-

To configure, 4-5 notifications are displayed when starting the flow:
1- Enter the website you wish to check (without http:// or https://)
2- Enter the number of characters you want to store for the check (I go for 32. Don't enter more than the site is written with.)
3- Enter how often you want to check the site in minutes
4a- Select from three alert methods; notification only, sound+notification or voice+notification (telling you which site has changed)
4b- Select the sound to use if the sound alert was selected

Does not work for sub-pages, only the homepage.

Permissions: Connectivity, Notification Access, Storage
Block count: 30
Tested on: Android 9