[Pie] WiFi Booster [MANUAL]

by Dan Macoun

Version 3 (July 29, 2019)

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WiFi booster for android 9.x!!

! This is the manual version! It will ask you If you want to turn off Bluetooth. If you want to turn off Bluetooth automatically, If it isnt connected to other device, then please use "[Pie] WiFi Booster [AUTO]"

Slower WiFi on android Pie devices is because Bluetooth is enabled, so this Flow after 10 minutes ask (If you are not connected to any device through Bluetooth), If you want to turn off Bluetooth (If it is enabled), If you will press yes, Bluetooth will turn off. If no, Flow will wait 30 minutes and then checks If Bluetooth is enabled, If yes, it automatically asks you If you want to disable bluetooth

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