⛅ Weather 1.0

by David Kittell

Version 1 (August 6, 2019)

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This flow will require your location but will not send it to the author/creator of this flow.

Based on your location you will receive the current weather conditions.

The report will display in a toast message, notification message, along with writing a text file for later retrieval.

NOTE: This flow has been cobbled together from other's work, I can only take credit for the arrangement of information.

The message will look similar to below:

8/2/19  10:35 PM Temperature in Detroit is 64° F / 18° C
The weather is clear sky.
Humidity is 60%
Wind Speed is 1 mph / 2 kph
Barometric Pressure 29.3 in-hg / 992.22 hpa

There are no active weather alerts for your location.