Clean battery stats.(Recalibrate)

by Federico Calzoni

Version 3 (April 12, 2021)

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Root needed
[Only 5 blocks]
Tested on Oneplus 6 (Android 9 and Android 10)

This flow resets the battery statistics when the smartphone is fully charged.

If you need to recalibrate your smartphone battery:
1- discharge the battery completely (Less than 5%).(procedure to be done as few times as possible to preserve battery life).
2- Charge the smartphone and keep it at 100% charge for at least 20-30 minutes.
3- Use this flow.
4- Reboot your smartphone

I recommend using it also if you have battery drain problems or if the play service has an abnormal consumption (If you have problems with play service, before using this flow, delete cache and data to play service).

Rate or comment this flow if the procedure worked or If you had an issue.

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Thank you.
Federico Calzoni

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