ZipTool file compressor

by Joe McMullan

Version 8 (September 14, 2019)

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This flow can compress any file for folder that you select and saves it as a .zip file and let's you name it too

To use this tool simply select the folder or file you want to compress and it will do it for you and you can also unzip files too

When finished you can even upload the Google Drive for cross device access of it and you only choose the account once and it will be used by default

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📢 Version 2:
➕ You can unzip files
➕ Upload the G Drive
📢 Version 3:
➕ Choose account at start
📢 Version 4:
➕ Will stop if no file is selected
📢 Version 5:
➕ Rename your zip file
➕ Dialog name revamp
➕ Choose folder to unzip too
➕ Let's you reselect the target files
➕ Drive upload shows account
📢 Version 6:
➕ Updated start menu
➕ Account can be charged
📢 Version 7:
➕ New universal account settings

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