🏖Unsplash Random Wallpapers.

by Batman

Version 2 (September 4, 2019)

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Non-premium version available!! Check my new flow "Unsplash Wallpapers(Free)" here : https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/31572

Updated : 30 August 2019

📱Sets customized random wallpaper from the unsplash.com. [Premium]

This flow allows you to download a random image from unsplash website and set it as your wallpaper. If offline, it will set images downloaded from the website or your Camera folder.

Please run the configuration first to customize settings.

🚀 Features:
⏺Custom Resolution
⏺Save downloaded wallpaper
⏺Set home/lock screen/both. [Android 7+]
⏺Wallaper will refresh every 30 minutes (online) or 15 minutes (offline). Can be customized by editing the flow, see change log)

====Change log====

NEW Now if there is no network available, it will show the downloaded images from \download\Unsplash_wall\Backup (if download image is turned on and at least 1 image is there) or will set images from your Camera folder(dcim). Change folder path in block #196 to set a different folder when offline.
⏺Offline wallpaper refresh delay is set to 15 minutes. Change block #191 for a different refresh value**.
⏺The flow will detect if you connect to network again and will set wallpaper from the online source.
✔ Reduced a lot of useless blocks.
✔Added directory check, network check and a failure catch block.
✔ There is no longer a selection dialog box for choosing wallpaper refresh delay. Please change value of block #168 to modify**.

**If you are modifying the delays in block #191 & #168, be sure to set delays in minutes. If you put it in seconds, like 1 sec, the flow will hang your device and make in unusable and I'm in no way will be held responsible for it. I recommend you set delay greater than 10 minutes.

⏺Flow is tested on android nougat 7.1.2.
⏺If you enable saving downloaded images, be sure to watch out for your data consumption and storage.
⏺Start the configuration flow again to set new configuration
⏺More features and optimization will come in future version. So stay tuned.

📣Please do give any suggestion, feedback using comment section.