FiberGram v3.x SMS Remote Receiver

by Max Pierini

Version 2 (October 1, 2019)

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FiberGram SMS remote control receiver

Take control (stop or start jobs and schedules) of your FiberGram from remote!

- Grant all required permissions
- Edit block #2 with
   - the phone number you'll send the remote commands from (PHONE NUMBER field)
   - the SIM you want to use to receive (SUBSCRIPTION ID field)
- Edit block #4 picking the flow of FiberGram v3.x
- Edit block #8 picking the fiber "Start from remote" of FiberGram v3.x flow

⚠️ NOTE: upon FiberGram reinstall or update, you'll need to update blocks #4 and #8

Then start the flow.

You need a task saved in fibergram folder.

📱start and stop FiberGram v3.x 📱
 - send an sms with text "stop" (case insensitive) to the device where FiberGram is running to stop all running FiberGram instances
 - send an sms with text "start " (case insesitive) followed by the task name (case sensitive) to start