FiberGram v2.1

by Max Pierini

Version 32 (September 14, 2019)

Download (184 downloads)

👑 PREMIUM required 👑

FiberGram is a 24/7 Instagram bot that can:
- Like posts from hashtag (given or random from file)
- Like most recent posts of users from file list
- Like most recent posts from timeline
- Follow users from hashtag (given or random from file)
- Follow from users file list
- Unfollow from users file list
- Schedule jobs
- Schedule Logout, Login and Switch Account (of already logged in profiles, up to 5)
- Gradually raise defined limits of scheduled jobs till a maximum target
- Multi-account management
- Start or Stop jobs from remote (look for FiberGram Remote Control)
- Follow from Followers [beta version]
- Follow from Following [beta version]

⚠️ Please note: if you're using a v1.x you may want to remove all leading . files from fibergram folder; because of heavy refactoring, using old files could lead to crazy behaviour. No need to remove .txt files.


FiberGram is
no need to adjust anything for your screen, just run.

🤖 Android 7+ required, 8+ suggested

You can schedule daily jobs!
And let them run for days

Keeps track of:
- fibergram.log: a complete log in /sdcard/fibergram/ folder
- followed users
- unfollowed users
- liked users
- search errors
- skipped users (actually: private users only are skipped)
- daily counters
- global counters

⚠️ When you run or schedule a job, your device will stay awake, be sure not to run out of battery.
Scheduled jobs run randomly each hour.
Everyday, when job/schedule starts, daily counters will reset to 0.
NOTE: to increase randomness, daily limits are not strict, but can be exceeded by a small random amount.

- Open Instagram app and login to your account
- In Instagram app go to Settings > Account > Language and choose "English".
- Search for an hashtag and grant all needed (position) permissions
- Open Automate app and run FiberGram.

NOTE: you will need to grant all permissions and/or to install FiberGram additional packages.

ℹ INFO and SUPPORT telegram group: