[Red] 2D Game engine V-0.7

by SomeoneIdfk

Version 8 (September 28, 2021)

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[Beta V-0.7]
[Status: Small update.]
Note: This is 60 blocks if anyone can make it non premium while keeping its features then notify me please.

Beta 0.7
-Id tags.

Beta 0.6
-World limit.

Beta 0.5
-Basic building.
-Storing files in a different folder.

Beta 0.4
-Bug fixes.
-Compatibility with Automate 1.20.6-alpha1.

Beta 0.3
-Basic mining.
-Changed world generation, rendering.

Beta 0.2

Beta 0.1
-World generating, rendering.

Future updates may include:

Creates a world where you can move in!

This can be modded by others to make their own game that needs atleast basic functionality.

Created by: ImRedAndYourNot
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