Make your brick-style phone a cool flip phone

by tvbx3 tv

Version 2 (March 12, 2016)

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Make your ordinary android phone a REALLY COOL flip phone. With this flow you can end a call or a ringing call just like when using a flip phone: simply close the cover and the call ends. Requires magnetic sensor and proximity sensor in phone, and a little yet capable magnet on the flip cover (on top of magnetic sensor when closed; magnetic threshold may need to be adjusted for individual phone). Phone vibrates to confirm that the call has ended.

According to Automate, the call end function may not work for some phones.

Not difficult to make one that "answers" like a flip phone with this in hand, just that I don't need that yet :P

Tried on Galaxy S3. Happy if you could let me know if it works on your phone model.


update: potential problem from residual magnetic field fixed

中文簡介: 讓普通安卓機有翻蓋機 / 摺機功能的小工具。適用於有磁場感應器的手機。

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