by Юрій Волошанович

Version 1 (October 31, 2019)

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After you started the Flow you will be asked:

1. Randomness:
You can choose between clicking in the center or clicking random in and around the center.
For nerdd 🤓:
X = 50% ± random(0-10)%
Y = 50% ± random(0-7)%

2. Mode to Start the Autoclicker
Posts a notification that can be clicked to start the autoclicker after 2 seconds delay.

If the button is released the autoclicker will start after 2 second.
Button-Mode uses by default the camera-button!
If you want to change the button, go into the flow and edit the "Key pressed"-block.

Clicking will be stopped if you tap somewhere on the screen.

Process/Flow can be stopped through a (second) notification, so that you don't have to stop it through the automate app.

Added new mode to start the autoclicker:
You will be asked which mode to use, when you start the flow

Added one second delay to button mode to prevent random clicks on screen.

Added a decision for randomness.
Setted delay of both modes to 2sec, because the other delay for notification-mode had too much blocks for non-premium users.

Disabled parallel launches.
Forgot to disable it when testing something.