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by Живой Человек

Version 1 (November 11, 2019)

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[Automate advanced class] 🎓
This is one of the best things you could do on Automate, getting information from a website without bothering open a browser, just a simple notification pop up "here is something you interest"!
Now you could achieve this by request an rss feed, use json or xml decode and read through returned dictionary value (example can be found on community). However not all website provide rss feed, so we'll have to dig through their html website instead...

Originally I intended to put the instruction on flow description, but it's limited to 3000 character, you can find the document in a web dialog.

❕ Some website does not allow automation and require Captcha to enter (protect from DDoS attack and such), In which Automate will fail from step 1.
❕ Does not work on website that need you to login, like Facebook, Twitter,... in such case please use provided API from that website, an rss generator may available.
❕ Some site like YouTube and Google are much more complex than others, as they are mixed with Java script and variable and is harder to crack. (I once created "Google search result url" flow but is lost during switching to new device, I'm still crying inside)
❕ Sometime a website might change their html source code, and cause your flow to fail and obsolete, where you must read and dig again. Although most site only does this every few years or not at all.

📬 Let me know if there's any confusing part that I need to made clear or typo.

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