Sleep As Android : Screen On Dialogue

by Adjie Satryo

Version 4 (November 22, 2019)

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[Part of Smart Sleep Monitor flows]

If Sleep tracking active, this flow will Detected the screen activity.

a toast will show in your screen when the sleep Tracking is running and you're using your phone. This toast will repeatedly show every 30 seconds.

If the screen keep on for more than 10 minutes (in case you're watching YouTube recommendation in the middle of the night) this flow will think that you are fully awake and therefore sleep monitor will be stopped.

Nb. I add push notifications block in this flow (timeout 1sec) so you can get notifications directly from you mi band by turning on Automate notifications in the band. If you didn't like it, you can block this notification on your android settings or by removing Sleep as Android Dialogue in this Flow.

1. Automate
2. Sleep As Android

1. In Sleep As Android: Turn On Tasker Plug-in

2. You can turn on Automate notifications in Notify and Fitness app if you want get wake up notifications in your Mi Band.

If you can make an android app, interested with this kind of Idea, or have any other idea, please contact me. Let's discuss any idea and spread across the world!

Change logs
Ver.4 only stop when screen keep on for 10 minutes.
Ver. 5 add push Notifications, so you can get notification to your mi Band too
Ver. 6 sleep tracking will immediately paused for 5 minutes when the screen is on

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