🔵🔴 PCOSMS - Phone Control Over Short Msg Service

by Vinay R

Version 1 (December 7, 2019)

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When you are set to go outside, and you see the battery low msg on your phone !!
You are forced to plug in your phone and wait until it gets charged. Here you go 🔵🔴 PCOSMS !!!
You can remotely control your phone anywhere from your alternate phone using sms commands.
You get all the calls diverted, change the mode to silent, normal, even stop this 🔵🔴 PCOSMS service itself !!

*Sms charges costs.

● Pair using OTP !!!
● Control Your Phone Using SMS Commands
● Divert Calls.
● Change Ringer Mode

More features in next update.

Please don't copy and paste blocks, comment your ideas, I'll add them in next update if possible !!
Thank you !!