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by Sketcher From Sketchware

Version 1 (December 16, 2019)

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• Disable Logging
• Give it all privileges that is requested
• Set SMS Limit to 500 in 5 minutes
• Root: No
• Premium: Yes
Lost you phone with Sms Commands V2 Running?
• This flow will make using Sms Commands V2 Easier.
□What you need to do?□
1. Select yourself from contacts, if you close selection, then you will enter the number.
2. If the phone give response you need to enter passcode from Sms Commands V2
3. Select the action
4. Get response
■Known Issuses■
Result can be wrong, if someone text you when you're waiting response
Sms Commands with pin V2:
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• Wi-Fi state
• Bluetooth state
• Is phone in pocket?
• Show all Wi-Fi devices
• Show all Bluetooth devices
• Toggle Wi-Fi
• Toggle Bluetooth
• Location
• Lock screen
• Play Sound
• Stop Sound

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