🎓 SMS Forwarding [Reddit Q]

by Patrick Corgan

Version 1 (December 18, 2019)

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Quick and dirty SMS forwarding example. A text message is received on Phone A and forwarded to Phone B; a reply is written on B, which is sent back to A. Phone A then replies to the original text with the reply it received from B.

To use, cut the blocks connected to the "Phone B" start block and paste them into their own flow. Put that flow on the phone you will reply from, and the "Phone A" flow onto the phone that will receive and reply to the messages. Be sure to set the appropriate phone numbers in blocks 8 & 9.

Note that this is untested (I don't have enough phones). It looks like it will work, and should provide a starting point either way. Also, I made a token attempt to deal with multiple texts or texts received in rapid succession by using multiple fibers, but this could still be a problem.

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