Home (via towers/GPS) BT & WiFi based on batt lvl

by Stephen Holsenbeck

Version 1 (January 8, 2020)

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First run when at home

On first run, set home cell tower (as a low granularity, non GPS dependent polling mechanism) and location (for high granularity if you are in your neighborhood but not at home).

With tower and cell data, location will be polled hourly between 6:30a & 10p.

If home, turn on WiFi
If away and not connected turn off WiFi.

If home and battery above 33, turn on bluetooth, if below turn off
If away and battery above 50, turn on Bluetooth, if below turn off

After 10p await 6:30a

Optimized to toggle off location services after using it if you had it off prior to the poll (battery saving)

V2 Check if Bluetooth is connected, if not disable, if yes, do nothing