If Automate, then IFTTT v1.1

by Daniel Sykora

Version 1 (August 1, 2021)

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Because the internet is an amazing place, you can trigger your IFTTT applets with this automate flow.
To make this work, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Get your maker API.
To get it, you must have an account on IFTTT. It's free to make one if you don't. Go to ifttt.com (with turned on "PC version website" if you are on a phone) and go to the Applets page. From this page, go to Services page and search "Webhooks". If you found the card, click on it. See the documentation page from the Webhooks page. You should find the API URL there. Copy it and start the Setup API flow. Paste the API URL there, and replace the {event} code with "EVENTHERE" (All uppercase, no quotes). Confirm it.

STEP 2: Make an applet.
There are loads of services on IFTTT to play with. Enter the applets page (like in the 1st step) and click "New applet". Select the Webhooks service as the trigger. It will ask you for an event name there. It's up to you what you put there. Now select an action. That's also up to you. When finished, move to:

STEP 3: Make a button
Start the Setup Buttons flow. Click add new. In the first window, insert the button name. It's up to you. In the second one, insert the event name you chose in the 2nd step. If you decide to delete a button later, you can do so by starting the same flow and clicking the button name.

STEP 4: Profit.
Install a shortcut of the "Flow" flow and start it whenever you want. Tap the desired button to execute the applet.

v1.1 Now you can integrate this flow into your flows by adding a flow start block. Place flow start anywhere in your flow and set the payload argument to the action name.

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