Lock sounds jm

by Craig McFindlay

Version 1 (January 14, 2020)

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Customize your device lock and unlock sounds!

Note: This is the basic flow for less block use, if you want some cool effects please download UnLock FX+ flow.

How to use:
1) Disable the system lock/unlock sounds from your device settings.
2) Start this flow
3) Select lock sound
4) Select unlock sound
5) Keep the flow running

P: My custom sounds is not working and the flow stops:
S: Install storage permissions for Automate.

P: I'm doing everything right but I can't get this to work.
S: Check the "system sounds volume" from your device audio settings.

P: The flow stops unexpectedly.
S: Check if your selected audio files still in the notifications or "media/audio/notifications" folder.

* Removed lock feedback for less block use, download UnLock FX+ flow for lock feedback and more.

* Root/SuperUser not required
* To use custom sounds copy your ".ogg" or ".mp3" audio files to the notifications or "media/audio/notifications" folder of your device.
* The lock and unlock sounds uses the system stream such as system sounds, so when you change the ring mode it will apply to lock and unlock sounds and that's really nice!