🎙️ Notification & SMS vocal 2.3 [99.Block]

by Cedric

Version 4 (January 24, 2020)

Download (361 downloads)

Interact with notification or SMS without touch your engine.

-The title of the notifications is read as soon as it arrives.

"Yes" or "read"
-After the name to hear the message.

"Option" or "action"
-To hear the options of the notification received.

-For open application.

"Delete". At any time.

"Répète" or "re-read"
-To hear the message again.

-Same for SMS,
"Answer" anytime or mark as read when say option, without touching your phone.

-Possibility of adding the name of the notifications not to read in the 2nd block.
Really easy for change all word In the 3th block, or translate all in 3th and 4th block.

-No reading of notifications when the sound is muted.

2.3 Update for answer sms interact bug