🌐 World Air Quality Index v1.7

by Max Pierini

Version 12 (February 9, 2020)

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A tool to get the most recently updated and validated air quality data and indexes from active stations all around the world.

You'll need a free API token from
At the 1st run, you'll be asked to provide the token and it'll be stored in waqi.token file in Download folder.

❶ 0-50: good
❷ 51-100: moderate
❸ 101-150: unhealthy for sensitive
❹ 151-200: unhealthy
❺ 201-300: very unhealthy
❻ 301-400: hazardous
❼ 401+: extremely hazardous

Example: AQI 107

Shows info about:
- station name, coordinates, distance from searched location, datetime of latest update
- Data source and AQICN url
- AQI, class, dominant pollutant
Where available:
- Pollutants AQIs: carbon monoxide, PM10, PM25, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide
- Weather: temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind, precipitation, relative humidity, dew point

Thanks to
- World Air Quality Index https://waqi.info
- AQICN https://aqicn.org
for the great effort and the reliable free and open source service.

v1.1: replaced colors with pbar
v1.2: replaced pbar with numbers, better data visualization
v1.3: fix station distance numberFormat
v1 4: reverse geocoding location and station
v1.5: web dialog
v1.6: colored AQI classes
v1.7: detailed station data widget (real time & past 48h) where available

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