☣ Coronavirus Updates 📈 v1.41

by Max Pierini

Version 43 (April 4, 2020)

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✅ Johns Hopkins University service restored

A tool to show the most recently published data about Wuhan Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 2019-nCoV Sars-CoV-2 global cases in the world (global, by country, time series plots, map).


For info and more plots:

- Receive hourly notification update.
- Global pie chart
- Table by country
- Bar chart by country
- Time series plots (World, China, Italy)
- Global map (tap on countries for details).

Public data provided by
Johns Hopkins Withing School of Engineering CSSE
(Visit website for info)

You can use a KWGT widget to show latest updated data on your home
(You may need to adjust it to fit your home settings and screen resolution)


v1.1: auto-update new data sheet link
v1.2: show global deaths and recovered percentage
v1.3: fix UTC update timestamp
v1.4: daily update (00:00, 08:00, 16:00) for KWGT widget
v1.5: fix Last Update field
v1.6: fix update field w/ regex
v1.7: view live update (web)
v1.8: access ArcGIS REST API feature layer for latest updates, ping before API req, hourly update and notification if ALL interruptions
v1.9: fix & sort Country_Region details
v1.10: dialog web table
v1.11: fix table font-size and numberFormat
v1.12: pie chart
v1.13: plots; .14: fix plots
v1.15: openstreetmap w/ leafletjs
v1.16: less blocks, network check, catch failure
v1.17: fix work_temp_json
v1.18, v1.19: updated arcgis server url
v1.20: tap on map circles for details
v1.21: added update datetime in table and map circles popups
v1.22: added bar chart by country; blue circles on map; v1.23: green > limegreen
v1.24: map with geoJson
v1.25: combined geoJson and circles from JHU ArcGIS features
v1.26: reset style when tap, added legend to map
v1.27: auto interpolate map color with current max on log scale
v1.28-29: fixed legend style
v1.30: added missing locations on map, better map colors, fixed Russia layer after date line longitude
v1.31: added total compare plot
v1.32: UpdateFormat in json
v1.33: added time series for Mainland China, minor fixes
v1.34: added currently infected
v1.35: min fixes
v1.36: added full timeseries plots for world, China & Italy
v1.37: fix China feature
v1.38: new plots
v1.39: fix features url
v1.40: fixed map & plots
v1.41: fixed map lng error, removed bar chart, updated italy plots

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