🔕 Do not disturb in meeting at work

by Uwe Scholz

Version 5 (October 25, 2022)

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When you are at work (detected via HPS and/or Wifi) and in your calendar an entry with the word "meeting" or "standup" occurs in the title, the phone switches to "Do not interrupt" mode. After this meeting, interruptions are switched on again.

Update v2: Hardened the algorithm
Update v3: Silence the phone when a meeting is currently ongoing when starting the flow
Update v4: Let the user select a time window on each day in which the flow should set the phone interruption level to off or on (preselected days are Mon-Fri)
Update v5: Cleanup and simplification of the flow.
Update v6: Get the current location before deciding if you are at work or not. Improve description.