Notepad Extra V4 [ALPHA ONLY: DO NOT USE]

by Luka S

Version 5 (February 16, 2020)

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Welcome to the notepad you've all been waiting for... Notepad Extra on Automate!


This award-winning notepad has everything you'd ever want from a notepad in a easily-accessable and power-saving way, including:

- Multiple Accounts
Multiple people use your device? No problem, create a standalone account for each of them. Want a separate hobbies and work notes list? Use accounts!

- Encrypted Password Protection
We believe in offering full security, so every account has an encrypted password!

- NFC Key Protection
Password too long? Just setup NFC Unlock function on an account, and you are good to go!

- Unlimited Notes*
No-one likes notepads that only allow 10 notes. So that's why you can have unlimited notes on each account, at least up to your device storage limit.

- Full Backup Functions
Thanks to Google Drive, you can easily backup your notes in a secure format! You can even setup Auto Backup, so you don't have to remember!

- Note Reminders
Need to remember something? Just setup a reminder on a note, and we'll remind you!

- Syncable Notes
Got multiple devices? That's OK. Using the backup function, we can sync all your notes between all your devices!

- Auto Update Checker
Notepad Extra is updated often, so we've included an automatic update feature. Don't miss anything new!

- Quick Access
Have an Android 6+ device? Setup Quick Access so you can access your notes in only one click!

We have been awarded the SOQ (Seal Of Quality) two times in a row!

- Easy To Access Settings
To access settings, double click the start button on the flow in Automate! Who needs an interupting menu every load?


Upgrading from V3? The reason we have made a whole new flow is because: we have fixed/reset the auto updater, and we have introduced encryption.
Don't worry all your current notes are still valid. You just need to convert them into this new format using the following flow:


We hope you enjoy using Notepad Extra V4!
Feel free to leave a comment, bug report or suggestion/improvement, so that we can improve our service.



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