InstaKat Voter 😎

by Anj Noronha

Version 3 (February 29, 2020)

Download (77 downloads)

Autocommenting votes for KB!

Step 1: Open instagram and go to the Academy's post announcing the top 10. Tap on the comment so the keyboard comes up then go back to the AutoCommenter and start it.

Step 2: After you start it, you'll be asked how many comments you want to post and whether you want to add anything to the hashtags. I've limited it to 80 at a time so you avoid Insta-jail.

Step 3: Chill and let your phone keep going! Don't use your phone while Automate is running or you'll keep being interrupted.

The set time is 1 comment every 10 seconds so you don't get a ban. You'll find a notification updating as the comments get posted, until you hit the end :)

Happy voting!