by Maxwell Olszak

Version 2 (March 25, 2020)

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IMPORTANT: If you get any java.lang.IllegalState errors make sure you have battery optimization for Proximity Service app disabled. This flow can't call it if the system has dozed it.

UPDATE: A "boot complete" receiver has been added so you don't have to wait for your first lock-unlock cycle to activate it. It is recommended that you have ProximityService installed on internal memory rather than SD because the SD card may not be available yet when the flow has been triggered.

Launches the Proximity Service app in background on boot. The apps developer omitted this feature. The Proximity Service app also tends to get killed frequently for RAM. This flow will re-enable it in the background when the phone is unlocked. If you need to stop the service for any reason you can shut it off as normal and it will remain off until the device is unlocked again. This flow is "set and forget". It stays on in the background and uses a low resource design for monitoring relevant triggers.

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