Copy of Game: Space Invaders

by Murat Ancar

Version 1 (March 19, 2020)

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Premium. No root required!
An actual, playable game!

Runs through notification!!
• Move left/right by rolling phone left/right.
• Shoots automatically. Keep moving to keep shooting!
• Modes: Easy, Normal, Hard
• 5 Levels

☆ Your ship (5 lives)
○ Alien ship (dies when hit)
● Armored Alien ship (turns into "regular" Alien ship when hit). Can also spawn "regular" Alien ships around it (and that's a bug, but I kinda like it).

■ Heavy rock (turns into Normal rock when hit by Alien)
□ Normal rock (turns into Light rock when hit by Alien)
◇ Light rock (gets destroyed when hit by Alien)

Current build:
201909250600 It's live!
Made and tested on a Galaxy S8