LuxPowerTek 2Charge

by Rob Baker

Version 1 (April 4, 2020)

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A flow to control home battery usage on luxpower inverters, using the luxpowertek app. Checks weather for the following day at 6pm. If it's due to be a clear day, it sets batteries to discharge overnight. If not, sets them to zero discharge to conserve power for when it's needed. Especially useful for EPS power storage. This version uses a 1080x1920 screen res for interactive touch. May need to adjust percentages if your screen differs.
I wrote another version that didn't rely on screen positioning, but although it worked on the original device, it failed to work on the phone I am now using.

Set your weather location, and percentage cloud cover.

The first time it runs it processes the whole flow. And then waits for the following time delay.