Screen Off when Plugged when Locked

by Stephanie Bloomsdale

Version 1 (January 9, 2022)

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A flow that keeps the screen off at power connection or disconnection, --IF-- the device is locked (i.e. the lock screen is active). The flow will fail unless the device is set to lock itself immediately when the screen turns off (this option should be available in device's own settings).

People that would enjoy the screen turning on for a moment before it shuts off can get this by editing this flow's "delay" block where they can set the Duration under Input argument to a second (00h 00m 01s) or more.

Ideally the flow would be able to keep the screen off whether the device is locked or not, but it seems this is no longer possible as flows that attempt to do this employ the "is the device accessible" check which doesn't seem to work anymore.

See the below link for a Tasker (PAID APP) version that doesn't require locking the screen.