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by subhikshah subhikshah

Version 1 (April 26, 2020)

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Ever wanted to force stop multiple apps in one click ?.. Ever faced issues with playstore third party apps not doing force stop of few apps ? Google maps/ google photos/lens/keeps notes etc. not getting force stopped by third party apps?.🚫

Hi guys, today i have created this flow by which we can force stop the apps. One click and task is done automatically.

You may make homescreen widget to use it daily.

While using first time, you first will be given option to add apps one by one in list. This list will be stored, so if you reopen the flow next time, it will reload the stored list. [ Caution- If you edit the flow, the previous list will be deleted and you require to create again.]

Hi guys, if you like this flow, please give me five stars, and if any suggestions required, please comment, thanks.

Note - I used array method, array add/remove, choice dialogue, interact block, etc.

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