Timed Vibrate/Silent

by Shahmi Saidi

Version 5 (November 24, 2020)

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This flow allows for timed ringer modes.

🔋 Flow is designed to run in background

Silent or Vibrate Ringer modes will remain indefinitely. The "Do not Disturb" feature of Android is pretty neat in the way that introduces a timeout feature. However, "Do not Disturb" is an "all or nothing" feature, it either allows the device to sound, or to be silent. I wished for it to has Vibrate.

But then that was before i stumble upon the power of Automate. Now you can replicate the same feature using Automate and also a Ringer mode

• Asks for timeout whenever the ringer is changed. If no input, it will default to 1 hour
• Resets ringer volume to 100%
• Make sure to put Automate to draw over other apps for best results

• Install and use as is
• View flowchart to change parameters like timeout duration
• Floods logs. Disable logging if everything works properly