Automatic vertical/landscape player UI


Version 2 (January 3, 2021)

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Not Premium Flow, 10 blocks only
1. This flow uses Plug-In action blocks so You SHOULD disable "Debug logging" in Automate to not put your phone in an "ful o' logs" state(to not trash your phone's memory with unused logs, unless you need this setting on, or you want manually clear it overtime)
2. This flow uses 3rd party software, "Custom Navigation bar" is the one used here, also you'd like to root your phone OR use ADB(Android Debug Bridge), but You will need a PC for using ADB(ADB is used once for granting permissions to many apps(Automate also can get some permissions using ADB)
3. This flow already done, you just need to make two profiles in Custom Navigation Bar for Portrait and Landscape mode of your device and name them correctly, if flow doesn't work, edit plug-in blocks, just tap on them, then tap on "configure" button, then if it's Portrait plug-in block choose the "Portrait" profile you've maked for music player, so then for "Landscape" plug-in you need to use "Landscape" profile and viola, it's good and working!
You're Warned, Enjoy!