⏩Notification Manager Live⭐Line⭐🌐⭐⏬

by Lão Tổng

Version 2 (September 19, 2021)

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⏩Block certain notifications &
⏩Open important notifications versions v12+

Added better implementation to recognize phrases. Ex: is live = is l"i"v'e

➡Useful for blocking "is live" notifications on Facebook, Illustrations, etc.
Also opens important notifications like messages from friend, stock market, etc.

⚙️⏩Can run multiple fibers if you need to add another option without stopping current flow

⚙️⏩Blocking doesn't happen immediately. When notification arrives it may show then be immediately removed

⚙️⏩Blocking takes priority over opening EX:
~block "BTC,ETH is live"
~open "http://bitnodes.io/"
~NOTIFICATION POSTED = "blocked update friend on User in line live"
~notification blocked update Moz
~Lines License Manufactured Math Unicode+
~Live update Mark Material