Commands Via WhatsApp or Telegram or etc.

by Mohamed Ghaly

Version 4 (May 20, 2020)

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Welcome to commands via messaging app

V2 use for each block for loop msg (for honesty the for each loop done by Ronald Gardner Thompson (#21818))
V3 minor bug fix

A flow reads the notification of the app you chose and wait for certain message to do a certain action

✓ You will choose the app you want
✓ You will enter the commands you want to activate certain actions
✓ Run command to start a loud alarm ( even if your phone is silent helps you to find your phone)
✓ Stop command to stop the alarm (or unlock the phone that will stop it)
✓Lock command to lock the phone
✓Loop command to stop all Automate flows ( if you stuck with a loop flow and your phone became not accessible)(assuming here that you've less than 1000 flow if not edit block no:62[count=1000])

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