Automatic redialer

by Azradox

Version 9 (June 30, 2020)

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The flow automaticly starts a call on a specified contact and activates the speaker. Just tab the homescreen shortcut set in setup step 1.
On a disconnect, the contact is automaticly redialed after a 3 second abort question.
In case the phone is locked, it will be unlocked with your pin before.

Onetime Setup:
1. Set contact name in block 1 and set homescreen shortcut.
2. Block 23 upper left needs the number of the contact.
3. The four "Interact Click" blocks on the right are the display pin code (up to down). Just edit the numbers in "UI element text" und "UI element ID" in all of them, the default pin is 1234.

V1 Initial upload
V2 Bugfix
V3 Optical fix
V4 Bugfix
V5 Added device lock question
V6 Optical fix
V7 Device lock bugfix
V8 Screen orientation bugfix
V9 Improved screen orientation

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