Voice audio control

by Romie Greenbourg

Version 3 (May 24, 2020)

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[Ratings and constructive criticism appreciated, ty! 😄] This is a no-premium, no-root (In my knowledge), voice-based music controller. Android 5.0+ is required.
To use it, set the app variable to
{"app":"[Your music app here]","receiver":"[Your music app receiver here]"}
( I will simplify the interface later, i know selecting the package and receiver by hand is a pain)
, start it up, press a button on your headphone/earphone and ask the following:
-"pause" to play the music
-"play" and "resume" to resume or play the music
-"forward" to go forward ( You will be asked by how many seconds you want to go forward )
-"backward" to go backward ( You will also be asked by how many seconds you want to go backward )
-"start" to go to the start of the song
-"next" to go to the next song
-"previous" to go to the previous song
-"now playing" to get the current song

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