Home Security System

by Jareem Wilson

Version 1 (June 6, 2020)

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Automate Home Security System
Created by Jareem
This flow is built to be used as a alternative to a actual security system by using your unused phones and tablets as sensors.

Maximum Sensors: 5

The type of sensor might not be reliable because it works off of Acceleration instead of magnetism by detecting not when the door is open or closed but when it's in motion.

This will rely on a Wifi connection and not data because of communication between your main controller and your sensors.

Everything will be put into only one flow to control and not only is that available.

You can use your device as a Remote Control if you are to leave another device as the main control center.

Emergency Services are not available with this flow and this is just for home monitoring
Whenever a fault is detected the control panel device will trigger a siren such as the ringtone that is set or it will send a message to your device using Google Cloud Messaging to make your device ring and alert you about the current fault, it will also send an email using the paired Account

Disclaimer: I forgot to add in the report if an error occured part so if n error occurs just email me at Jtyrell920@gmail.com

This Flow was tested with a Galaxy S9+ and a Galaxy Tab S6