📱Wi-Fi + and Mobile Data + 📱

by Ayet Zharif

Version 1 (June 11, 2020)

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✔️ This is a flow search Wi - Fi strength and if is lower than 30%, it enables Mobile Data and disables Wi-Fi.

✔️ The special one when Wi - Fi strength is lower than 30%, it rescan for open or configurated Wi - Fi.

✔️ Mobile data, instead, check your Mobile State and if is in a particular state of 2G or 3G, you can decide to transfer to 4G or search for Wi-Fi.

❗ For function Mobile Data needs Root (or CyanoGen) and Android 5+

💌 You have any problems? You have any ideas? Tell me on @Alexmine31 on Telegram or write it in the comments!

🗒️ Changelog:

V1 = Flow published
V2 = Added Android version checker
V3 = Added special version
V4 = Added root checker