Ambient Screen Light

by Marquis BS

Version 7 (September 24, 2020)

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# Day Time Aware
Sets screen brightness based on light sensor values using the root function.

# User Interactable
The user can change the brightness at any time. When the user changed the brightness the script will stop calculating new values and reduce runtime.
( ! ) To resume automatic brightness calculation just set the screen brightness to 0.

# Reduces Runtime = Conserves Energy
While screen is off the script stops.
The script slows down when the user sets a different brightness or when the sensor value reads 0 to conserve energy.

# Versions
7 - Remove day time calculation and instead change the ambient light formula to be more sensitive.
6 - Add documentation using unconnected log-blocks
5 - Add startup routine for easier modifications by the user
4 - Add inertia to calculated brightness (to prevent hectic flickering in low light situations)
3 - Fix faulty literal value resulting in really small brightness values
2 - Simpler screen brightness calculaion
1 - Initial concept version