🔢Number 🔂Persistence➕✖

by Ricardo Fernández Serrata

Version 9 (August 27, 2020)

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🗒Log-Appends the ➕Additive, ✖Multiplicative, or 🔢Collatz Persistence Value (in Steps) of n and its corresponding Sequence. Steps = Persistence (EXCEPT "Reduced Collatz").

ℹAbout Persistence and Collatz:


⚠️This Flow is EXTREMELY minified.

{mode} The most fundamental array variable. Is a wildcard/joker. Controls most of the algorithm, ensures math is done correctly, allows to have 2 main "unified" algorithms, and allows to have less blocks than it normally would (also responsible for most of the Nested Conditional Statements)

{int} variable is also like a wildcard/joker. Used as: 1st original input, array of characters (that will be converted to digits), iteration output, and input for another iteration. All related directly or indirectly to integers.

{log} Makes flow faster and use less storage when giving output. Works like DRAM. It does that by storing and appending all numbers of a sequence, then the Log Append block gives a batch/bulk output. Thus, the log is not filled with extra data that Automate logs by default, and decreases delays when running the flow.

{step} Counts the number of steps that n had to take for the sequence to end. Notice that "Reduced Collatz" has less steps because it skips some Even numbers. The total Persistence value cannot be obtained directly by the number of steps when selecting "Reduced Collatz".

Variables {foo} and {digit} probably don't need explanation.

When selecting ✖, 🔀Random 🔢Input➡️ ❎avoids numbers containing the digit "0" (to increase Persistence probability).
Default 👤User ⌨Inputs➡️ are highly Persistent and are optimized for every mode.

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