Typing Master

by Sergeant Virus

Version 7 (August 10, 2020)

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Try to type the sentence as fast as you can! pls rate the game after playing cuz it helps me feel ur experience! also uhh the sentences there r not technically a sentence... but... lets just consider those one. pls rate the game to make it better.

Update 2:
Minor Fix involving Level 3 not popping up.

Update 3:
Still involves a small update that I accidentally shortened level 3 by 1 sec. I put it back to 9 secs.

Update 4:
Extended Level 3 to 10 secs.

Update 5:
Made Level 3 a bit easier.

Update 6:
Minor Tweak and a small celebration.
dont count update 7 as a release cuz i accidentally uploaded it twice