Array Multi-Index String Bug/Glitch

by Ricardo Fernández Serrata

Version 3 (March 27, 2021)

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I found this bug as a horrible surprise when developing an offline bruteforce hash cracker after wasting time and energy trying to make it work. I still don't know if the bug is my code's fault, or Automate's fault.

This flow only has the String Sequence Generator Engine, because that's the only thing needed to test the bug. I also tried editing the expressions in several ways, but the bug wasn't fixed.

✅Desired behavior of this SSGE:
Use variables so that each one specifies a charset array index (a character) at a fixed position in a string. Each variable value should only increment when the "right" (or "left" depending on perspective) neighbor reaches the last index of a selected charset. Everytime a variable reaches the last character, it should reset back to the first and continue the cycle until all posible combinations were tried.

Example Output: a, b, c, d... , x, y, z, aa, ab, ac... etc...

❌But this is the current undesired behavior:
It has this bug that makes some variables change their values when they aren't supposed to do it. Even weirder, the sequence has a weird pattern (to see it, start the flow)

Changelog: Updated to use better expressions (and Automate also has been updated in the lifetime of this flow) but the bug still persists

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