Car navigation - KISS logic enabled Drive/Nav tool

by Robin D'cruz

Version 1 (September 7, 2020)

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Keep.It.Simple.Stupid(KISS) logic used to provide phone automation for daily driving and free within the 30 block non-premium limit. Road alerts while driving with device screen turned off. Auto “on” and “off “. Vibration reminder to ensure the device is not forgotten in the vehicle. Disables Wi-Fi after leaving home and enables again upon returning home. Convenient for users who use mobile data only while outdoors. Can be configured for other users too.

In device Settings --> Wi-Fi preferences --> check option "Wi-Fi turns back on automatically" to "on". The navigation only activates if Wi-Fi(preferably Home Wi-Fi) is not connected and device is relatively in a horizontal position. Block 5 controls the settings that prevent accidental initiation of flow while walking/standing/not driving. When flow is active the device automatically detects if it is on the move and initiates with a notification sound. If navigation is required respond by unlocking the device within 30 seconds or before the last beep.

If navigation is not required at the time, the prompt can be ignored, device left locked and navigation will automatically be put on standby mode and there is no further action until the device is moved. Should navigation be required again anytime during the journey, simply picking up the device and rolling it over in the hand / keeping it back resets the flow.

1. Preferably a rooted android device. May work on some unrooted devices too.
2. Waze App installed. In Waze settings --> General --> Prevent auto-lock --> Disable
3. Automate superuser, recording and conectivity permissions(will be automatically installed during process)
4. Battery saving features such as " Battery saver", "Battery optimization", other battery saving apps, screen savers, may interefere with the flow. Try de-activating them as trouble shooting if encounter issues.

User parameters:
Block 2 - set distance travelled before prompting to start navigation (currently set to 250 meters)

Block 3 - Configure or set home Wi-Fi SSID/Name if preferred or leave blank for available open Wi-Fi connections are allowed to be connected.

Block 5 - controls the settings that prevent accidental initiation of flow while walking/standing/not driving

Block 6, Block 18 and Block 19 - Settings for vehicle vibrations and acceleration. NOTE: IF NEED TO CHANGE THESE SETTINGS, PLEASE DO SO IN SMALL INCREMENTS (i.e. 0.01) AS THEY ARE EXTREMELY SENSITIVE.

Block 22 - For reset and vibration stop adjusments change device orientation and tolerance values at this block.

Block 26 and 27 each have a 30 second sound file imbeded with silence+sound that also serve as delay blocks. These can be created according to user preference or can also be provided if specifically requested on this forum if an email contact is provided.

Please feel free to explore, investigate and fine tune other relevant blocks for optimal use according to user specific requirements and driving conditions.

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