? Baby-Monitor (revisited)

by Arena Closer

Version 2 (September 15, 2020)

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For Max Schädel. This should solve the issue you experienced with the Forks and Fiber Stop blocks. Contact me via email if you like: arena.closer3@gmail.com

🆕 Version 2: I rebuild the flow from scratch and I think I found a problem with Automate that causes the Flow Stop blocks to not function properly. The URI of a child fiber, that forkes from a parent, is only assigned in that parent fiber. When trying to stop the child fiber from an entirely different fiber that forked earlier in the flow, that's not possible since the child URI is not assigned at that place of the fiber at all. If that makes sense.

Anyway, I tried bypassing this issue by simply using variables that determine whether a fiber stops or not, etc. I tested the flow and it does not create exponentially more fibers, as did yours. That, at least, is an improvement :)

I think this is the basis for your flow. When sound is detected 4 times (within 20 seconds), alarm rings. When no sound, reset detection after 20 seconds. In the meantime, when device is shaken, reset detection (but not timer!!). Let me know if that suits your needs...

⚠️ I think by solving the Fork problem I created another issue. The acceleration detection (and then resetting) seems to not always work

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