One Minute Preview of Music Tracks

by KN Reddy

Version 1 (September 11, 2020)

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Preview duration of each track is set to 60 seconds with a extension duration equivalent to coverage duration of the proximity sensor
(e.g. put a finger on sensor or put the phone upside down on some surface to extend the time).
The music app used is "Music Folder Player full version" by Zorillasoft (with configuration at Music Folder Player: Options indicated by three vertical dots at RHS top > Preferences > Behaviour > select Auto-Resume Folder and Auto-Resume at Start)
(the flow can be edited to accommodate any duration and any music player with compatible features). It functions similar to foo_seek.dll or foo_preview of Desktop Foobar 2000 and much more.

Start this flow, it will start the above music player,
Stop the music player to stop the flow.

The play will resume after finishing a call of any duration on dual sim phone (at present sim1 is airtel, and sim 2 is BSNL , not checked by changing sim cos)